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Search the text you want in all the pastes that have been posted, including ones that have been deleted officially.
Your search will be performed throughout a task.
Please note: the search will be stop if more than 200 results were found.

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Regexes are now supported.
To enable regexes, check the I am using regexes box.
If you use regexes but don't check that box, regexes will be disabled and you search will probably not return any results.

As with standard regexes, use backslash \ to escape a character.
For processing reasons, the following regex mechanisms are not not permitted:

  • Unlimited quantifiers: *, + and ({0,}, {1,}, etc.) are not permitted
  • Lookarounds: (?=foo), (?<=foo), (?!foo) or (?< !foo) are not permitted

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