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March 13th, 2020

Emmanuel 'Green'

PasteBeen v2.0

Hello World!

Breaking news! Literally...
To begin this whole new news section, thank you for using and making PasteBeen what it is today.
Without going into numbers, user base is growing each day more than I thought, and I am grateful for that.

Now into the heart of it: PasteBeen got a whole new design, and looks classier than ever!
Objectives of this design were multiple, but I mainly wanted to improve the user-experience both on laptops and mobiles.
I am working, as of now, to release the white version of the design too: stay tuned if you're not a fan of dark-themed websites :)

This introduces, starting from today, the version 2.0 of PasteBeen.
While this first evolution is mostly about look and experience, the website will evolve approximativaly once a month for the months to come.
I hope to make the overall website even more useful than it could be today.