Frequently Asked Questions

We download, analyze and classify all the pastes that are posted online. Our objectives are multiple, but if an entity is now able to identify data leaks that are important to it, then we will be happy.

Simply follow our Dump Monitor Twitter page. We permanently monitor and post massive dumps.

For sure. Drop us a message in the Contact Us section!

When a date is listed on the website, its timezone is always: UTC+1.

Because we store every single paste posted online, it demands a huge storing space. We opted for the solution of compressing pastes to limit necessary space. When you perform a search, we need to uncompress every paste related to your search. This is what takes the most time.

Tags are a simple way for us to inform you about what we detected in a paste. Tags can then be used to perform complex searches and find very specific type of pastes. For instance, what we consider a 'dump' is in reality multiple tags combined, with certain tags excluded.

Our algorithms analyze every single posted paste. Depending on what is found inside those, tags are then applied.

Tags can't be perfect. Sometimes, false-positives are raised and tags are falsy applied. We have however a good positive rate about our tags. If you think a specific tag has a massive amount of false positives, please contact us.
With PasteBeen 2.0, one of the biggest goal is to be as exhaustive as possible. We'll be trying to add as much sources as possible in addition to Pastebin: Gist, Slexy, etc.